Hiring Security Guards for Crowd Control: Everything You Need to Know

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Anyone anticipating tens to hundreds of people on their premises should think about hiring security guards. Things can escalate quickly from an organised festival to a stampede that threatens the lives of all those in attendance. Therefore, it is worth investing in a team of people who will bring their crowd-control skills to the table. They help maintain peace and order in chaotic situations, preventing incidences of theft, injuries and assault, among other crimes. 

Are you still uncertain of the value that security guards can bring to the table? Well, here is a detailed discussion to clear things up and help you make the right choice:

What Are the Various Types of Crowds?

It is essential to understand the type of crowd you are dealing with to help you make the most of the guards you hire. Such knowledge can help you ask for guards with certain skill sets. Typically, crowds can be any of the following:

What Measures Do Security Guards Implement?

Keeping a crowd in check is not a walk in the park. Trained security guards will start by establishing vantage points as suitable check-in points. Usually, the check-in point will allow the guards to interact with the crowd and get a sense of the people coming into the event or premises. Additionally, the guards can check for unauthorised items carried by the crowd and establish a sense of authority.

It is worth noting that security guards receive special training to deescalate conflicts. They deal with the crowd's unpredictable nature by calming the crowd, dividing the crowd into smaller groups and using recognized leaders and physical intervention in conflicts where necessary. 

What Emergencies Do Security Guards Handle?

Trained security guards can deal with different emergencies when handling crowds. They can offer services like first aid in medical emergencies and first-hand evacuations during a fire. These initial responses are essential for reducing the impact of a calamity. 

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