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Printed Disposable Bibs -Lobster, Crab, Ribs, Spaghetti, and Plain Disposable Plastic Adult Bibs. There are three different sizes suitable for restaurants, home and caregivers. "Bibs with Dignity" clothing protection is suitable for home, assisted living, special needs, caregivers and long term residences. Stainhider products have bibs, dignity collars, neater eaters and napkins that are leak proof, guaranteed commercial washing and the endorsement of Directors of Nursing satisfaction.

"Alzheimer's Activity Aprons" and Lap Pillows are especially designed to help people suffering from dementia, stimulates brain activities, improves motor skills and recalls forgotten tasks.  Six simple activities sewn onto the apron expands motor skills, occupies time and adds visual and hand pleasures.  Alzheimer's patients, caregivers and support groups will appreciate an apron for "someone special".

"Bibs 4 Messy Adults" our bibs are for fun and enjoyment for wearing, and protecting your clothes avoiding a center front spill, with a colorful screen printed design!  The clever weights are removable on the shoulder straps which makes it for easy removal , without having to  lift your arms.   We now offer Disposable Children's Bibs that are cute and colorful.  They are available in four animal designs. These bibs save time and frustration when you can just "toss" instead of "washing them"!

Gold Bibs-Gold clothing protections, with or without a matching purse, are attractive and acceptable for wearing at home or restaurants.


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