Three Types of Security Systems That Can Safeguard Your Premises

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There are plenty of old-fashioned approaches to business premises security that do a perfectly good job, such as security patrols with dogs. These should not be overlooked by any business owner who wants to improve the security of their premises. However, these methods of safeguarding your building are not systems insofar as they are not integrated with one another methodically. Therefore, if you are looking for a true security system, you will need to consider some more technological solutions. The main three such security systems in use today are outlined below.

Access Control Systems

There are many different access control systems on the market catering to different requirements and niches. For example, high-tech biometric scanning systems will identify an individual and their right to access a building by using their unique biology, perhaps scanning their retina or their fingerprint. Other types of access controls involve key cards or fobs which allow people past doors or gateways if they have been issued with them. Collectively, these types of security systems still allow business premises to function with people coming and going. Their primary function is to keep unauthorised people out, however.

Surveillance Systems

These types of security systems are popular in both commercial and domestic settings nowadays. Many people will associated surveillance systems with bulky CCTV cameras. Designed to be vandal-proof, such cameras are often a deterrent to would-be intruders because they are there to be noticed. However, much more discreet cameras are now available that can go unnoticed by people who don't know they're there. These can still be monitored remotely just like normal CCTV systems. Because they are small, they allow businesses to check up on their own employees for wrongdoing such as monitoring how and when stock is accessed. Overall, surveillance systems either deter crime or help to detect it.

Intruder Alert Systems

The most common types of intruder alerts are burglar alarms. Typically, these detect movement so they're only suited to business premises that are closed. Most such systems sound an alarm and will notify a security firm or the police of an intruder. These security systems can be integrated with window and door alarms which will sound if they are smashed or forced open. Plenty of these systems are wireless nowadays and send their signals to a central control unit over Wi-Fi. Nevertheless, wired systems which do not rely on a Wi-Fi signal being present still remain popular today.