Top Advantages of Using PoE for CCTV Security Systems

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Power over Ethernet (PoE) has been around for more than a decade, and to-date, it continues to be a popular choice for CCTV security system installation. This technology or solution makes it possible to carry network and power over the same cable.

There are many advantages to using PoE in your CCTV security system, including, but not limited to the following.

Saving on Time and Costs

CCTV security system infrastructure that is based on PoE requires fewer cables. For starters, this cuts down the cost of cables and the need to set up multiple power outlets for the different cameras and routers since the one source of power supplies all the components.

Secondly, this solution makes your CCTV security system installation much easier to accomplish as it is not too complex. The installation crew will be done within a short time, cutting down on your project's labour costs. You also won't need to hire an electrician to install multiple power outlets, which, again, reduces your spending on labour.

Enjoy More Flexibility

Optimal placement of your CCTV security system components such as cameras will ensure that you get the most out of it. With PoE, you enjoy more flexibility as far as this placement goes since you are no longer tied to choosing from among spots where power is available.

During the CCTV security system installation, you can choose to place the IP cameras just about anywhere that will yield the best and unobstructed field of vision, be it on high walls, ceilings or elsewhere.

Managing Power From a Central Point

PoE makes it possible to have a centrally-placed and managed UPS power backup for all devices and components that make up your CCTV security system network. With standard installations where there are multiple networks for the different devices, you will need multiple backups.

Central power management also makes it easier to streamline measures necessary to prevent circuit overloading and short circuits. This all helps to make your CCTV security system safer.

Ease of Scalability

A PoE switch allows you to expand or otherwise scale up your CCTV security system to accommodate more cameras. The device contains multiple ports to provide network and power to the various surveillance cameras. This scalability is achieved seamlessly since it is quite easy to achieve network modifications.

That a PoE-based network or infrastructure delivers both power and quality data comes with several advantages, some of which are as highlighted above. It's, without a doubt, a CCTV security system solution worth the investment.