New Business Owner? Start With These Important Security Precautions

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If you recently purchased a commercial property for your business, you need to make sure it remains safe and secure to protect your investment. Here are some good tips to start keeping your business more secure.

Keep the Exterior of Your Building Well-Lit

This is a very simple yet effective way to ward off intruders. People who want to break into your business to vandalize or steal from you don't want to get caught. If your building is completely dark at night with dark bushes for them to hide behind, you are making your building a target for intruders. On the other hand, if you always have bright lights on outside at all times of the night and nowhere for intruders to stay out of view, then you are much less likely to have your commercial property broken into.

Install Security Alarms and Cameras

No matter what type of business you have, your building can benefit from a really good commercial security system with alarms and cameras. This isn't just good for intruders but for employees to understand the implications of breaking the rules while at work. Have your security alarms in a place where you can access them quickly to turn them off when entering the building, but not in a place where someone can see you entering the code through the building windows. Also don't place them near a door or window, where someone could grab the alarm quickly before it goes off. For the cameras, think of smart places to put them where you can track all entry and exit doors, cash registers, and safes in the building.

Invest in an Electronic Lock

Instead of having locks with keys for your building, invest in a high-security electronic lock. Employees who are given access will need to enter a numeric code or use a badge to get into the building. Not only does this help keep intruders out with no risk of stolen or lost keys, but you can actually track the entry when each employee is given a unique badge or code to enter the building.

Make an Example of Dishonest Employees

Employees often think that they won't get caught stealing, but if they do, you will be lenient with them. Show your other employees that your rules are strict and you won't put up with any dishonest employees. If an employee is caught stealing or shoplifting from your business, make sure others know they were fired immediately after being caught and not given any warnings.