Enhancing the Security of Your Small Retail Store

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There are a lot of risks involved in running a business. These risks usually affect your business progress, especially if you have a small retail business that you want to grow. Security of your small retail store, especially when you close it, should be something of concern. This is because small retail stores are usually vulnerable to security shrinkage and breaches. Shoplifting and burglary are some of the most common issues you may be having with the security of your retail business. Therefore, while you may have taken steps such as having the required insurance for your assets and your business, you need to raise the bar in terms of security services. For this reason, here are a few tips to consider.


Since you may not have much capital to invest in security, especially if you are an independent retailer, you may want to use this simple yet effective method to enhance security of your store. Therefore, install the bell in your front door so that it's easy to tell when someone enters the store using the door. Regardless of the type of bell that you go for, make sure its audible enough.

Arrangement of Merchandise

A simple layout or arrangement of merchandise in your retail store can mean so much when it comes to theft, especially through shoplifting. Most of the shoplifting attempts are likely to be made on expensive small items that are hidden. For this reason, make sure such expensive items like jewellery should be placed close to the cash registers or the visible display tables where someone attempting to shoplift them can easily be spotted.


Investing in locks is important, but going for the right type of locks is more essential. Therefore, when installing locks in your retail store, consider going for deadbolt locks or pin-tumbler cylinder locks for the best security. When using deadbolt locks, try double cylinder dead locks that won't be opened without a key on either of the sides.

Security Lighting and Motion Detector Cameras

Security lighting will work to minimise theft at night. Consider positioning them at the entrance and within your store. Security lights are connected to motion detectors that will turn on the floodlights if movements are detected. On the other hand, motion detector cameras can produce clear pictures of somebody even in low lighting. These cameras come in small sizes that can be positioned anywhere in your store.