Tips to Help You Maintain the Condition of Security Window Screens

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Security window screens are made from very strong materials, such as stainless steel mesh. However, those security screens gradually accumulate dirt and grime which can shorten their lifespan. This article discusses some tips that you can use to maintain the pristine condition of your security screen windows.

Stick to Mild Cleaners

You should never use strong cleaners or cleaners that have abrasives to clean your security screen windows. Such strong cleaners may gradually degrade the protective coating of the security screen, and it will be exposed to corrosion. Instead, use mild cleaners (such as a mixture of a mild detergent and water). Confirm that any cleaner that you buy to use on the security screen windows is recommended for use on those screens.

Watch the Lock Mechanism

Many homeowners find it easy to clean the security screens on their windows after removing those screens from the windows. As you clean the screens, make sure that you do not allow water to get into the lock mechanism. This is because it may be hard for you to remove any water that gets in there. Such water can accelerate the wear process of the security screen since the lock mechanism may corrode.

Use a Sealer

You can protect the security window screens from the elements and dirt by coating them with a multi-surface sealing compound. Visit a hardware store near you and pick a product that will polish the security screens and protect their surface from the buildup of dust and dirt. This product will ease the cleaning process because dirt will be dislodged quickly when you rinse the security screens with water.

Tweak the Cleaning Frequency

Different environments (beachside or sandy locations, for example) present different cleaning challenges to owners of homes with security screen windows. Waterfront locations pose a danger of corrosion by saltwater. Make sure that you follow the cleaning frequency suggested for your location. Consult the supplier of the security screen windows in case the literature provided with the security screens does not mention a cleaning frequency for different environments.

Be observant and watch for any abnormal marks (such as reddish marks) on the security screen mesh. Such marks may indicate that airborne particles have accumulated on the screen. Take prompt action to clean off such impurities before they affect the durability of your window screens. Implement any other maintenance suggestions given to you when the security screen windows were installed. For more information, talk to the security screen manufacturer (such as Bonds Security Products).